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Trial of Iron is a lot of fun ... so far

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I'm going rage hard when I get killed though.


Did all the quests I know of before Caed Nua. The boss battle in Raedric's Hold got a bit tense because Edér got knocked out at the outset and wasn't wearing that snazzy Second Chance armor. Still I won that with more than half the party still standing, so it could've gone worse. Only been camping when fatigued so far; have been taking advantage of free rest spots when available but no backtracking. 


The other nasty fight in this was the one in the cave in Anslög's Compass. It just turned into general mayhem but again I won with a fairly comfortable margin.


My PC is a cipher. Picked up an adventurer druid who's been saving the day several times. Otherwise rolling with the companions available at that point.


Playing on Hard, as usual. This really is more fun; I play much more deliberately, avoiding risks, even avoiding some of the nastier optional fights with limited rewards.


Won't be able to continue this very long as I'll be away from my main computer for the next month, and my laptop is too wimpy to run P:E. Will take a stab at Caed Nua and probably leave it there, even if I survive.

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