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Rogue weapons - sabre/stiletto or rapier/dagger

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So I'm not a power gamer and don't usually gimp my stats in favor of min/maxing (i.e.I don't want to take a 1 int. in favor of pumping might or dex for rp reasons).


That being said, I'd like some opinions on weapon choices - I love the idea of a sword/dagger combo, but from a game mechanics standpoint which would be more viable as you progress through the game? Each combo gives you a slashing and a piercing weapon, but sabres offer obviously superior damage at a cost of reduced speed and less capability to get through dr, the rapier is a lot faster and gets decent ap but only hits as hard as a dagger. Is one combo better than the other in the majority of encounters?


Or do you gain damage skills/buffs and better weapons as you progress to make the differences negligible? I like the idea of two fast weapons that I can get crit/sneak attack happy with high dex and light armor, two weapon fighting, etc. But again, I don't want to set myself up for frustrating encounters towards the end.

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What I say is from my own experience playing the game through and having an max level rogue with the "best" gear I could get my hands on.


I use dual unique/named stilettos that both have spell on crit and it seems to do the most damage. Of course my rogue is built around these weapons so there might be better combinations, just my opinion ofc.

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