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A little Help regarding "His Old Self" - Spoilers

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Let me clarify first that, as I had luck with the Loading Bug (that otherwise prevents me from palying afrom GIlded Vale onwards) for a few times, I did ... maybe run ahead a bit. Missed some opportunities to elvel? Or Loot?

Also its my first Character Build (as I usually go with "Looks/sounds good" for a first paly through), namely a IntMaxxed DeathGodlike Cipher. Which is not optimized either.

I have every Companion avaliable at this time in the party and am playing on normal.



Now to the problem: I agreed to confront Nyrid. Once I do however hes tarts spamming pretty Crit-friendly AoE Spells while his GUards ignore the Tanks standing in/behind the Door to the room and run for my Priest and Cypher. Once they are dead its over pretty quickly.


Now I tried various tactics, but a clearly strong Wizard and as many 8well armored and hence Graze-friendly) Guards seem too much for me to handle.



Am I too early for the Quest (late Level 3)?   Or did I miss an option allowing me to reduce the number of Guards?

Or do you have other tips?


Any and all useful answers are Much Appreciated!



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Well armored doesn't mean graze friendly - deflection is tested against accuracy, not armor level.

Is this the quest in Defiance Bay? If yes - lvl 3 is a bit underlevelled (as visible by enemy spellcaster criting with spells all teh time). I'd suggest 4-5. But it should be doable on lvl 3.

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Well, I went towards Defiance Bay as soon as I could move out of Gilded Vale at all, so yeah, thats probably it.

Although the battles in the Cataombs prior to Woedicas Temple (including the Troll) were no trouble at all.


While I am writing this. any possibility to get in "undiscovered with a Godlike 8as the Hood is, obviously, not useable)?

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