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I can't decide which class to pick for my first playthrough.


I want to play as a Human melee DPS character. So I am guessing either a Fighter with 2H-weapons or a dual-wielding Rogue are my best choices for that.


Can anyone give me some input into that classes? Which one has more DPS, less micro-management, more surviveability?


As of right now I am more in the Fighter corner with medium armor, is medium armor a good choice?

Also how should my attributes look like? Especially concerning some dialogue checks?


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Highest DPS is rogue, but that requires you to use the sneak attack system, which means you have to pay attention to positioning (to flank enemies) and/or have your other party members apply debuffs that allow sneak attacks (of which there are about a hundred.)  


No reason a rogue can't use 2 handed weapons.  Or ranged weapons, since sneak attacks work at range.  Or 1x1 handed weapon for better accuracy & more criticals.  There are really no restrictions to that sort of thing.


For DPS with weapons you want might and dexterity.  Might is damage and dexterity is attack speed basically.  Heavier armor increases survivability but lowers DPS.

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