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Hi all, I'm hoping for some advice on tackiling Endless Paths. I'm stuck at Lvl 13 and am struggling to progress. Normally with a hard fight, I'll lose once, sometimes twice but beat it on a reload. This time it's different tho and I'm getting thoroughly demolished whatever I can think of. The biggest problem I feel is the Cean Gwla who Terrify and worse, Paralyse for 10-20s, during which time my party gets owned by the Adra Animats (who without the banshees helping them, I can manage fine).


My game is on hard and the party is level 8, comprising a druid werewolf (me), Eder (Tank), Grieving Mother (melee), Aloth (nuker), Durance and Sagani. My druid has greater wildstrike freeze and secrets of rime, so am opening up with all the nuke spells I can from everyone, but I haven't killed anything in the opening salvo.


Are there any tactics or specific spells I could be using? Is there any way to resist the paralysis (I know there's a lvl 5 priest spell but I'm half a level away from lvl 9 on my chars). I'd appreciate any advice, tho "come back at a higher level" is an obvious piece that I'm fine without ;-)


PS. One other question...how does one obtain the cool Grimoire next to Krivi, the Vithrack on level 12, just beside the nest? I can't stealth enough for him not to see me and if I take it, they go hostile for stealing. Is it linked to the Master's Tools quest?

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Well I persevered and managed to beat all the encounters on the map. However now I cannot enter the door in the middle. I've consulted my guide and know I need a password from one of the spirits. However none of the spirits have anything of note to say and the I can't get the passphrase from the one supposed to give it. Any ideas? Question about Krivi's grimoire still stands (tho I will hand in Master's Tools soon).


Edit: Completing Master's Tools does in fact allow the grimoire to be looted without making the Vithrack turn hostile. :-)

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