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Annoyed about Choices in the Chosen dozen V Justicar Knight Order

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I was playing my character as a soldier based character and I was helping out both factions, my issue is that I preferred the Knights and wanted to side even sabotage the chosen dozen (even though I ended up doing the expidition quest for them with the dud weapons).


My big gripe was that I had completed the quest for the metal soilders for the knights and got the armor for the merc boss npc. the commander wanted no accociation with me because afterwards (assuming there was a secondary quest from completing the animated bronze guards) I was hanging around the chosen. I went back to see if I could quit the dozen quest and close my accociation permenetly and choose the knights but was not given this option to end my accociation.


Maybe this is just some minor quest but considering its a massive Fortress in the First Fires area and has many minor quests within the building, and that they are running the law and order you would think I could be given the chance to make my choice being the (ignorant outsider with no past ties).


Loving the game so far even though I have a few personal minor tastes that would do nicely for adjustment ie carry capacity/resting.


Dont know if this is been reported as a bug but while I am here someone can forward it to me if its not been listed. (spoiler)


When trying to complete the quest for the thugs harassing the girls at the brothel. Picking the lock on the Ramshakle house in the Port district (forget the name) circumventing the bandits with the key and directly attacking the band will bug the quest. I assumed it was this leader simply because his men were called "Harrasing Thug" and referred it from my journal.


Killing the band of thugs outside and taking the key, forwards the quest journal log but it ends up a dead end as soon as you enter the ramshakle house to comfront the instigator (because obviously he has already been killed)

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