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Boreal Dwarf: Bonus v. Primordial/Wilder not applied



I noticed, last night, that the bonus to accuracy that I should get against primordials and wilders is not being applied correctly, even though the passive ability that grants it does show on my character sheet.


My character is a Boreal Dwarf from the White that Wends with the Explorer background (I think, can't remember the background and it isn't listed.)


The ability (can't remember the name) states that I should receive +15 accuracy against primordials and wilders (of which Xaurip is one of the listed types). I looked at a combat calculation against a Xaurip and it showed my regular accuracy (49, the same as the inventory screen shows) minus the target's defense, plus my roll. There was no bonus.


Am I misunderstanding how the maths works? Is this the passive-stripping bug? (The passive does show on my character sheet.) Is this ability broken?

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