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So, Im rping (somewhat) a priest of Skaen.


Favoured dispositions: Cruel, Deceptive.

Disfavoured dispositions: Agressive, Benevolent.


Im having a real hard time deciding which actions are considered cruel or agressive, because most options I get are to Might based and seem to be agressive (my interpretation). Adding to that, the opposite action (of the aggressive option) is almost always benevolent (e.g. beat some on up, vs buy them a beer). Its confusing.


Also, I get the impression that Im making decisions that are affecting my disposition (i.e. being benevolent), but I get the idea that I wont see on my character sheet till I reach like 5/5/ benevolent, being at 2/5 which I cant tell on my char sheet.


Making sense?


Its confusing.




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