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How does it work?  Say my Rogue has 20 Might, Reckless Assault, and a Superb weapon.


That's +30% damage from Might, +20% from Reckless Assault, and +45% from the Superb weapon.  A grand total of +95% damage, or 1.95x base damage dealt on each hit.


Crits deal 50% additional damage.  This could work in one of two ways:


1) Additive with the rest of the multipliers.  Total damage bonus = 30% + 20% + 45% + 50% = 145% extra damage (or 2.45x base damage on crit)

2) Multiplicative against the rest.  Total = (30% + 20% + 45% + base) * 1.5 = (195%) * 1.5 = 292.5% (2.92x base damage on crit)


I'm a bit too lazy to run standardized tests to figure this out, so I thought I'd save some time and ask here first to see if anyone knows offhand.


EDIT: The same question could be extended to Grazes.  Does the -50% just get added in?  Or is your "final" (1.95) result multiplied by 0.5?

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