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Bugs I've encountered



(1) Task: Against the Grain

(quoted from www.primagames.com)

Part 3: Conclusion - Bloodless or Bloody Negotiations

There are multiple outcomes for this task depending on the choices you make.

(a) If you persuade Sweynur to chill out, then tell Trumbel about it at the Windmill…

    You receive 20 cp and then another 20 cp if you insist on more.
    You also receive an average Reputation increase at Gilded Vale.

(b) Go to the inn, kill Sweynur, visit the Windmill and inform Trumbel that he’s dead.

    You receive 20 cp.
    You also benefit from an average Reputation increase at Gilded Vale.

(c.) Tell Trumbel to take it easy on those farmers, then tell Sweynur about this at the inn.

    You receive 10 cp.
    Hilde will give you better prices at the Black Hound Inn.

(d) Slaughter Trumbel at the Windmill, then head to the inn and tell Sweynur he’s dead.

    No reward.
    You receive an average Reputation increase at Gilded Vale, and high prices exchanging items with Hilde at the Black Hound Inn.

If the player initially chooses (a) or (c.) and then takes the reverse position when following up with the other NPC, the quest never resolves.

(2) Afflictions

For some reason, I cannot remove afflictions (Blind and Miasma of Dull Mindness) on myself. I've tried resting at camps, inns, and Caed Nua. My companions had the same problem. The workaround for the companions was to dismiss them all and hire them again.

(3) Quick Items

My companions carry Quick Items in their specified slots. After I dismiss my companions, then hire them again either immediately or sometime later, my companions' Quick Items are gone.

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