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Reputation Bugs



I had some trouble getting through The Hermit of Hadret House. Basically, I did all the quests I had come across for the Crucible Knights and the Dozens, which left me as a Hero with both for reputaiton. I was also down to Extremely Bad with house Doemenel, to the point they were sending groups after me to kill me. 


I needed an invitation and had to have good reputation with one of the three groups, so I went to the knights because screw the Dozens. They turned me away, saying I was too close to the Dozens. Fair enough, I went and tried robbing the Dozens and ended up killing a handful, dropping my reputation. The knights still rejected me. 


Instead of going to the Dozens next, I tried House Doemenel for giggles. They walked me right in and offered me some quests, to the point where I got to talk to the head of the family about the invitation. At that point he also gave me the bit about being two close to the Dozens, but there was still a conversation option asking about it so I clicked it, and magically he gives it to me, after just saying he couldn't trust me. On top of that, my reputation is still Extremely Bad. Something is messed up here.


I can understand them not trusting me if Im friendly with all  three, but murdering all the Dozens didn't keep them from saying I was still too friendly, and House Doemenel seems to ignore their own hatred of me. Either way, I got my invitation and didn't have to go with those stinking science haters. 

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