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Lord of a Barren Land start point



So I originally rolled a Ranger, but got to Raedric's Keep and decided to pack it - for me it seemed like they animal companions were too weak to make much of a dint in combat (I picked the bear, and picked Resilient Companion after this but what I got was far from resilient like anyone would be lead to believe - I guess Rangers should use a high speed/high damage companion so they can flank rather than the so-called tank).


However, I got the quest "Lord of a Barren Land" before completing A Mother's Plea and Smith's Shipment which are supposedly requisites according to online guides (not that I go off them, but in this case I couldn't see what I had done differently or wrong). I recently re-rolled to give me any chances of survival at least with much less frustration (really, rangers are crap) and I've done all that I did with the Ranger character with my new Paladin and it didn't show up. I also had similar persuasive attributes (high Might and Resolve, albeit less Per to spot lies) so I wouldn't have thought that would have really factored.


Is this a bug, did I do some dialogue that made the difference (I play on expert so I wouldn't know) or have I messed up somehow? I guess I'll complete Mother's Plea and Smith's Shipment anyway and hopefully unlock the quest, but I always worry when something that's inexplicably available for one character isn't for another.

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you can get "Lord of a Barren Land" two ways that I know of

a) This side quest becomes available when you complete two of the following quests (in any order):

“The Smith’s Shipment,”

“A Mother’s Plea,”

“Against the Grain” (specifically siding with Trumbel over Sweynur)

b) Alternatively, you can go to the Esternwood’s eastern exit, following the road.

Hello sailor!

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