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Never Again (fictional story)

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I had the sudden urge to write this little story, that follows below, when I played around with my characters abilities and killed one of horses in the encamped. As result I was suddenly attacked by Calisca and soon the rest of the caravan.

Now with my curiosity triggered, I wondered how far Obsidian went with this RPG. If they had anticipated this totally anti social scenario.

They did, and I am paying tribute to Obsidian by giving this little killing spree, right at the start of the game, some context. Instead just doing usually, evil guy murders everyone senselessly just because he can idiocy.

Fair a warning. English is not my native tongue and I like to place my commas with a shotgun. Could be painful to read, also it turned out to be quite sick. ;)





Never again will I allow anyone to have a hold over me. All these years serving on this godforsaken ship as a slave have burned my soul. The cheerful and trustful person I once was is gone. People are evil. I have been been abused, humiliated, spit on, as if I were not a human being, but a thing that can be used and thrown away as it one pleases. NEVER AGAIN!


But I played along. Look at the ground. Didn't resist. Followed willingly orders. Surrendered myself. NEVER AGAIN!

Then I knew, the day would come, where they would drop their guard, and turn their backs on me.  And it came! The first one was mess. I was so scared, shaking and sweating. His teeth sank deeply into my hand that, I shoved in my panic into his mouth to stop him from screaming. I had to apply my knife 3 times to his through before I finally cut through his windpipe and artery.

Quickly I freed the other slaves and then we proceeded to cut the rest of the crew. Everyone of them, and as they scream and begged our rage grew. Because they had no right to scream, to beg for mercy, as they never listen to our cries.



We set the ship ashore. Everyone is trying to get home, but where should I go? I have no place, no home, nowhere to go. Everyone who I loved died when they took me. Maybe the old colonies? The Free Palatinate of Dyrwood. Free, that is what I want to be.



I'm now traveling with a caravan through Drywood towards the village of Gilded Vale. As much I hate to depend on others, as people are utterly evil, I had no choice if I want make it through these woods, but I will not drop my guard.

I'm feeling suddenly sick. I can hear the others whispering, staring at me when I'm not looking. Did they poison me? Am I betrayed?

This can not be a coincidence. The road blocked by a tree, my sudden sickness. Now the caravan master Odema tells me to go into the woods, to pick berries? This is a setup. They are going to take me. NEVER AGAIN.


Odema sent one of his henchmen ahead to "fetch" water, and now he assigned me an other of his goons to "protect" me picking springberries. Who ever needed protection while picking berries?

I seeing right through him. I will not be fooled. I will pretend to be weaker than I really am. As we walked away from the camp into the woods I see Sparfel standing next to a tree. He is not at the river collecting water as he has been told to do so. This is the final confirmation. It's an ambush! They are going to kill me right now, right here.


I told Calisca I need to relive myself and take a few steeps behind the ruined wall nearby. She seems not to suspect that I figured it all out, as my ruse worked. She must have really thought I was severely weakened, as she turned her back to make me believe she is standing guard. Not going to let this opportunity pass I pushed my rapier from behind right through her. She died with her eyes wide open.

I can tell Sparfel didn't notice a thing. The surprised look in his face when I struck him down, priceless. Who thought foiling an ambush could be so exciting. Now the rest of them.


The caravaneers didn't put up much of a fight, but they would not have gave me mercy. Why should I? Only Odema and his last two henchmen are between me and my freedom. I will make my last stand at the bridge. Forcing them to fight me one by one.

They are all dead. Everyone one of them and this eerie silence suddenly when they spent their last breath. They tried to murder me and they paid the price, but so did I. I'm badly hurt and now there is this sudden wind coming from below, trying to drag me down. Is that one of those Biawacs Odema has talked about? I must find shelter in those ruins...

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