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UI bug: negative int aoe doesn't show up



so the way it seems to work is: the default radius shows up in the stronger color. then the actual radius with your int bonus shows up in the lighter color. and for something like fireball, only affects enemies, so there's no downside to big int (it doesn't make the friendly fire area bigger).


the problem is when you have low int. if you have 3 int, the modified smaller radius area is hidden under the default radius, so you cannot see it.


you can test the aoe sizes for some spells by seeing when characters highlight as targeted by placement. the aoe really is smaller, but the targeting cursor doesn't reflect this – it won't go below the default 10int size due to the 2 circle visual system (there's always a circle for the base size, then a second circle for modified size).


another thing i noticed, which probably isn't a bug but i thought is interesting: if your int makes an aoe smaller, then unlike with making it bigger, the modification does affect friendly fire. it seems to be only a one-way thing where radius bonuses affect enemies only, not allies, but radius penalties affect both.

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