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PotD Playthrough: all-custom, need HELP theorycrafting party around set classes

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Hi all,


I've been playing PoE for a while now. Playing it on hard but not finding it enough of a challenge (although I reload quite a lot; need a harder challenge). I'm not totally on par with the mathematics of the combat mechanics, thus would like some help.


So, I've got the following planned. Want to get my custom-build party at level 2 in Gilded Vale. 


Front-line melee:


Paladin (either Darcozzi or Goldpact) - Protagonist

Tanky with high damage output when swinging a double-handed sword / or other- thus low attack speed but high impact- preferably Human for role-playing concerns. Single-target damage + tanking main concerns, buffs and aura's secondary. Dump stat would be dexterity and maybe con (due to high resistances from Resolve and Perception).


Monk (or other)

High DPS while fulfilling a secondary tanking role. 


Chanter (or other role more fit for front-line crowd-control)

Primarily focused on front-line crowd control and tanking.




Main focus on AOE damage and occasionally going in melee (thus hybrid). AOE damage primary concern, crowd-controll secondary



Main focus single-target and AOE buffs for front-line.



Max ranged damage output (preferrably single-target) with crowd control.


How would I set-up such a party (stats-wise); the protagonist (Paladin) should also have some dialogue options (thus investing in Int, Res and Per).


This thread might be too open-ended, but any suggestions or references would be more than welcome.





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I would recommend making both your paladin and your chanter sword and boards. Both classes don't really benefit from fast attack speed; paladins want to be tanky and give auras, chanters just want to chant and then explode when they invoke. If you make your paladin use a two-hander, and you want his Con low, and you want dialogue options, and you want resolve and perception... you're spreading yourself way too thin. 


Go for something like this:

MIG: 12

CON: 14

DEX: 10

PER: 16

INT: 10

RES: 16


I haven't seen many intelligence dialogue options that don't require 16-18+ intelligence to activate, and putting that many points into intelligence is pretty nonsensical. You can take away from might and dexterity and put the points into intelligence if you want a larger aura range, though -- but I'm trying to satisfy your desire to do some damage. You're going to want to put most of your points into Survival and Lore while taking enough of Athletics to not get tired in combat all the time -- those two are the most commonly used skills in dialogues.


I recommend getting Zealous Endurance, Lay on Hands, and Reviving Exhortation for utility purposes. Deep Faith is great as well. Weapon and shield style and Cautious Attack help with your defenses.



As for the others:


The Monk is going to want high might and dexterity with a splash of constitution. Force of Anguish is really, really good. And don't forget to take Lesser Wounds.


Chanters are pretty hard to mess up. Most invocations greatly affect the battlefield, just make sure you're using them the moment they're available. Feel free to put points in constitution, resolve, and perception for tankiness.


Druid is going to want to max might and intelligence. For the first portion of the game, shapeshift is really good at tearing through enemies, so you can give your druid a two-hander and have her wade into enemies early, but the form falls off later. Don't invest talents in it. When it starts to dwindle in usefulness, keep your druid to the back and have her cast spells in light armor.


Priest needs might and intelligence as well. It's hard to screw up a priest to be honest.


Cypher wants high might and dexterity, with a touch of intelligence for AoE range. The level 2 spell Mind Blades is the most accurate AoE in the game -- one spellcasting can literally do hundreds of damage spread over a group. Start every battle with a blunderbuss shot before swapping to a bow and using it to gain focus.

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Loving the reply Lasci; 


What about having the Chanter built as main tank (shield and weapon), Pali as secondary.


Thus being able to make a more damage-oriented paladin (with 2-handed weapon).


Could reduce Res and Per with 1 (since you get an early item buffing both stats with +1). Adding it up to Might. Furthermore Con or Dex could be deduced (thinking about the latter) into a dump stats.


M: 19

C: 12






Would this be viable?

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