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Concelhaut's Parasitic Quarterstaff bugs



Seems there's a lot of state issues at present, and this spell is no exception.


After one combat I ended up with the quarterstaff still active, and then rested. Was surprised to see it *still* active after the rest -- but its not entirely. When told to attack my character runs right up to the enemy and starts swinging fists, there's no staff in his hands. But the parasitic quarterstaff icon is still displayed in the weapon set area, and I'm unable to select a different weapon set.


In the inventory screen I'm unable to modify my character's weapon sets. Amusingly I can still double-click on the parasitic staff to unequip it, and I can then give it to another character to use as a regular weapon. But when I close the inventory another parasitic staff has respawned in my characters weapon slot and I'm still stuck in the same boat.



Finally, I'm unable to cast any other spells while the quarterstaff is active. I suspect this is by design rather than a bug, but it would be nice to have that mentioned in the spell's description.



The forum's attaching didn't want to work so I've put the log/save on my web server:


http://sqweek.net/tmp/poe/cpstaff/8e5f6f35ed6542c3ae7e1bf1c254832c 7952094 EndlessPathsofOdNuaLevel1.savegame



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Thank you for your input, sqweek. This issue is known to the team, and we're working on fixes for the issues presented, most notably the staff persisting after combat and not being able to cast spells after summoning the staff. Keep up the good work!

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