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Started a Hard Mode Playthrough

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Hey guys, about 3 weeks ago I started a new YouTube channel and since then it has become pretty popular. At least compared to where I thought it would be. So I decided to start a new series playing Pillars of Eternity on Hard Mode. The first episode just came out today, it's a bit slow since we need to get past the begging area and character creation, but it should pick up very quickly. I would love it if you guys checked it out! :D The post itself has no spoilers, though of course the video does, so I wasn't sure which section was appropriate. So hopefully I picked the right place. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. :)


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Honestly it's because I heard a lot of people saying the game was really challenging, so I wanted an option to lower the difficulty if things got too hard. Unfortunately as I've gotten further in, I kind of regret not going with it. I think it would have been more fun. I can't switch to it, I've tried. :(

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