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[Bug]Quest triggers stopped working



Did a quick forum search and couldn't find anything related to my problem. As the title says, the quest triggers stopped working for my game.


I have found the leaden key in the temple of woedica, but my quest journal didn't update. I am not sure, but this bug could have occured once some time earlier on one of my other characters. The quest wouldn't update when picking up a quest item into the stash. I reloaded my quicksave and when I put the item in a character inventory slot the quest would update. 


Problem is, I don't have another save this time, only the buggy one.


I was starting a new game soon after all this happened, but now even the quest during the tutorial mission after defeating the bandit leader does not trigger. Tried it with two different characters, even reloaded the game, nothing works any more.

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When you wrote "reloaded the game," did you mean "uninstalled and reinstalled?"


We're looking into what could cause some events to stop firing and, if you could, I'd much appreciate a link to your save games and output logs.





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