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potential fix for loading screen crash? ?



i was having alot of trouble entering the keep in Caed Nua, all of my new games would crash as i tried to enter and i was stuck from progressing the game any further.

what i think happened to my install was a problem with steam missing a file. 

now i can go all around the keep no problem and can continue my game now. it worked for me anyway, here's what i did

1. delete the game using steam

2 re download and install the game

3. verify the cash using steam with out opening the game first (i tried opening the game first and it would still crash) (it had to download a file as it reported one was missing)

4. open and continued my game and for the first time since i have brough the game i was able to enter the keep, 

its letting me me go in and out as much as i like.

worth a try for everyone else? 

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