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Companion Talent/Spell reset on dismiss/readmit



Today I decided to change a little my party for a specific quest, removing Kana from the party to get Pallegina in. After the quest, I took Kana back, and noticed that my choice of spells and all the custom songstrings I had edited were gone. The songs isn't a big problem because although annoying, I can just edit them again in a couple of minutes.


The big issue is that both the spells and phrases I chose had been apparently randomized. No longer I could summon the 3 wurms, instead now Kana has the paralysing spell, and likewise I had picked a phrase to bolster allies defences, and instead now I have one that creates a icy trail behind characters. Both of those choices I didn't make, and I'm not comfortable with because they don't suit my party's play-style. I'm playing Path of the Damned difficulty, and practically no encounter is trivial, which means that switching my character talents around randomly is less than optimal to my success. 


I've tried reloading the game, but there is nothing I can do to recover my old custom-levelled Kana. This is an important bug that has caused me to drop Kana altogether from the party.

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