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Issue with status resets after combat



My party is currently bugged. Each time combat ends, some statuses do not reset.

For example, Kana Rua's chant counter does not reset to 0. If he summoned anything (whisps for example) they do not despawn. Sagani keeps getting the grief debuff when her pet dies, but when the pet revives again, the debuff stays.

Other statuses however do reset, like the charges on your "x per encounter" abilities.


The only way to get rid of the debuff on Sagani is to go to my stronghold, kick her out of the party and invite her back in. This is pretty much making the ranger unplayable at the moment and I've switched it out with another class.


I've looked around and I've seen others reporting this problem but not on the forum. (Sorry if I missed it).


I uploaded the save to my webspace if you want you can download it here.

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