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So I have been metagaming thro this game and finnally capped my level. Heres what I found out:


1. Chanter

- high level summons are very weak, dragon doing 10-20 damage with very slow attack speed and have less hp then ogre, so 2 ogres would be better pick

- phrase that shorten ranged weapons reload speed is the most OP thing in this game. There is really no point to take any other weapon then guns on each of your character. Even my druid with albarest (and chantes's mantra) doing more single target dps then barbarian on frenzy.

- invocations are just bad compared to other classes skills. By the time you can cast one, your cipher will cast like 5-6 spells that are also stronger in effect...




2. Cipher

- Blunderbuss + draining whip = 30-50 focus per shot and with chanter mantra u generate focus faster then u can spend it... BROKEN

- Some of the stronger spells are: 

Disintegration - it will kill most enemies in this game. Deal around 500-700 damage (raw!!!) per cast.


Pain block - 10 DT boost and very good regen. Enough duration to last whole fight.


Borrowed instinct - I always start fight with this, gives me +20 accuracy (so I can land other spells), +20 defense and debuff my enemy. Very long duration.


Mind plague - once u get this skill u can solo this game as cipher. Use it and watch your enemies kill each other... Makes this game so easy.




3. Ranger

- take some high damage ranged weapon and use swift aim + chanter aura. This way you will deal tons of dps and also have good base damage for wounding shot or poison shot (talent)

- his pet is useless

- its better to go with the route of wounding shot and *1.5 damage on dot targets. I maxed perception on my ranger so stunning shot is waste as I can perma stunlock enemies with high interrupt (which is futher multiplied by high damaging weapon) and good attack speed from stance + aura.




4. Barbarian

- he is melee so its difficult to focus the target you want and have to attack closest. He deals less damage then my other ranged characters.

- if you build him for damage he will die fast (cuz hes melee), but if you build him defense, he will have no damage... The way I keep him alive is cast pain block from my cipher.

- threatening presence is very good because it lowers enemy will so my cipher can crit more often. It synergises well with brute force because it also lowers fortitude.




5. Druid

- useless in regular fights because u cant spam your spells. Better on some stronger encounters and bosses.

- his last summon spell is very strong, much better then chanter's. Also these elementals are unbalanced because the lightning one is like 2 tiers better then others. He can wipe full room of enemies alone with his aoe and high damage.

- shapeshift has absolutely no use in this game. It makes you worse.

- his better spells are the lightning ones that periodicaly strike your enemies near druid (returning storm and relentless storm). You can actually stack them. They also stun with each strike and lasts entire fight.




6. Paladin

- I build him full tank (maxed con, per and res) and he just dont die. His auras are good because they have infinite range. He also have some buffs per encounter which are usefull. Dont know if fighter could make a better tank.



Thats my team. Dont know about others classes.

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