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Feedback on combat flow and readability

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After 25h of lots of combat on Hard difficulty:


Combat is a still huge cluster**** as soon as you are fighting with whole group vs 6+ enemies.

When effects start flying and current order icon is so tiny, and actions happen all without synch I don't even know which character is which and what each of them are doing until I study it for up to 30 seconds.

And I am pausing every 2s (or more often) and trying to figure out over and over what is going on.


But the fault is with game systems and its UI.

What would help:

1. Each party member selection circle has his own major color instead of all being same

2. Current action or next queue action being displayed on portrait where we can see it.


A bit harder to do:

3. Whole combat slowed down and damage dealt by attacks lowered.


Almost impossible to do but would solve all these problems:

4. turn combat into turn based system.



A bit more feedback on Auto Pause as it is related

I am using pause after target gets killed option. The problem is that it pauses it often twice if more than one character was attacking the target.

Since I got used to this option I am quick to unpause when I know I don't need the game paused to win and game gets paused again because of second character that was also attacking that same target lost its target. Please improve this feature so it is smarter, nobody needs double pause. Once target is dead we will send everyone attacking him to do something else.

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