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People complaining about adra dragon

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I've read the forums and people are complaining about adra dragon or saying it is impossible to beat without minmaxing, cheesing or bugs. I don't agree, at least on difficulty levels other than path of the damned.


I beat it on normal with my normal party, only thing i did to prepare is give major endurance potions to my tank (edar) so he stayed alive. On hard should be more adds, but generally that shouldn't matter, as when you are ready to engage Adra Dragon, adds are easy to dispatch.



Edar - tank

Pellagia - DPS semi tank

Sagani - Ranged - bow

Durance - Ranged - Healer support

Me - Ranged - Mage

Hiravius - Ranged - Druid




- Edar charges dragon and tries to keep dragon aggro to him

- Other characters summon spiders/delemgan/wurm and attack adds with those

- Wait first breath, then all other characters attack adds too - concentrate firepower in this phase

- Adds dead

- Surround dragon from all sides, keep distance between characters. Priest stayed near Edar to support heal/buff

- Hack dragon to pieces / attack with raw damage spells if available (i basicly had ****ty grimoire for this and only hiravius had some raw damage spells)



- Dragon attacked 90% Edar, Edar needed 5 endurance potions to keep alive + durances heals/buffs

- 2 other characters were attacked with breath, hiravius and durance, both survived barely

- Dragon dead - felt easy, there weren't any panicked moments or such.

- As long as you keep your characters away from each other, this should be reasonable fight.




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Necrothread with my strat:


As soon as the fight starts, retreat from the dragon. Dragon is slow.

Spend this time buffing up your party as much as possible. Once the dragon catches up, the fun starts.


1. spread out around the dragon. If/when it does its AOE attacks your buffed up party members should either be out of the aoe or should be able to survive

2. kill the adds. They aren't very tough, so you should be able to dispose of them easily enough. If you can, trick the dragon into killing them for you. The breath attack will one-shot them.

3. Start laying cc on the dragon. It's very hard to get anything to stick, but once it does each additional attack becomes easier. Example: I hit the dragon with stuck (which greatly reduces its reflex) then I hit with slicken to knock it prone. Then I keep knocking it prone over and over. This reduces its defenses to something you can actually hit past, and keeps it from wrecking you.

4. Wail on the dragon

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