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I was a huge Baldurs gate fan so I was thrilled when I heard about this game, and dove headfirst in.  I tried a game with premade companions, but soon came to a realization.

I was much happier with how Icewind dale did it, make a party from scratch and go with that.  So for this playthrough, im gonna try hard, and ditch my companions for a self made party as quick as I can.  Now, Im not asking for my hand to be held, just a general opinion on if what I want to go with, will work or not.  If you want to toss talents etc i REALLY outta aim for, I certainly wont stop you.

Thanks in advance!

1. Starting char: 2h barbarian, Pure dps, both aoe and single.

2. Fighter: Big dumb tank :p

3. Chanter: Healer/support due to her amazing ability to boost dps

4. Wizard/druid: Im torn here, as ive been told that wizzies can be a pain, but become gods by mid game, any opinions here?

5. Cipher: Never tried a class like it, so why not

6. Ranger: Ranged dps naturally

Thanks in advance.


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