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Wizard Grimoire Bugged



Hello!  I recently experienced the grimoire bug on a wizard/caster using a summon weapon skill.  I was able to replicate it once, but not multiple times.


After using Kalakoth's Minor Blight, I switched weapon sets, causing my grimoire to disappear.  Now the slot is bugged and nothing can be placed.  Anyone else seeing this?  Just me?  I'd rather not reboot a load...



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I just had the exact same thing happen on my character on Iron Manly Man save, now I have a very useless midget that follows a bunch of godlike guys around. Every spell that puts a weapon in a mage hand is his doom. Let it be the staff that never dissapear and wont allow you cast a spell, or forget about using that spell during the starting bandit leader fight or you are stuck in that camp forever, now that spell **** up all your progress. I wonder does that happen to the druids too? Using summoned weapon and screwing you forever i mean. 

Ofc it had to happen in that Watcher Dungeon...

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