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Enchantment bug.


don't find similar topic, so post it.


the game is right discount at improving the quality of things, but only if item have free full cost of chant.




quality - fine(2) to exceptional(4)




enchant from 2 to 4 - cost 2 point.


quality - exceptional(4) to superb(6)

we need yet 2 point, have 3









and much more powerful bug. you infringe the rights of four thousand people!




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It would be really weird if it was intended as it would affect only items that come with a certain amount of used slots. The problem seems to be that the game only checks for current open slots disregarding that quality enchantments override lower ones, which means the item needs the required open slots before the override.

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Hey Tristis Oris,


I've given this a fair amount of time and I'm pretty sure I know what is going on. Items that have 5 separate enchantments (even with <12 pts.) cannot be upgraded. I've added this issue into our system and we will work towards a fix for a future patch.

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