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Advice on two-handed fighter build needed ;)

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Hi boys and girls,


I've read a lot of topics where people share their ideas on different builds - great source of knowledge - at least most of it :) Anyway i played few hours trying different styles and classes and i came to the point where i decided what i want just don't know how to optimize it. I'm going to play Path of the Damned with Expert Mode on. What i want is a two-handed "dragon slayer" kinda character - by dragon slayer i mean pike and heavy crossbow or arbalest on the back. From what i heard it's either fighter or barbarian because paladin is more of a tank than DPS.


I've got everything covered apart from stats. I don't really like min/max and decided that i want to play as human. This is what i came up with :


Might - 19

Constitution - 8

Dexterity - 15

Perception - 10

Intellect - 16

Resolve - 10


How important is intellect comparing to dexterity? I do understand that higher intellect means longer knockdown but on PotD every fight is longer and after i use all my skills i'm just sitting there hoping for a crit. Last time i played i felt like i have a lot of misses and very slow attack which could be frustrating when a fight with xaurip which you could end in two or three hits last for a minute or two :D

Any ideas/tips - how should i build in order to maximize pros of a pike/crossbow fighter build?

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If you are going 2H fighter you don't need Int at all. I would dump it to 3. Dex probably leave it at 10. If you are going 2H you probably want heaviest armor as well. So the extra Dex won't help you really unless you are ditching 2H for Dual Wield.


I dump Int to 3. Max out Might then set Per and Res to highest. Con and Dex 10. Depending on race if you have any points left over put it in Con or Dex. Pure fighter Int only need as PC for role playing. But a high might, res, per negate the need for high Int while RP.


This build idea is you hit real hard but slow while avoiding damage or the ability to absorb a lot of hits.


Barbarian is better at DPS. Just cause he can boost his Might so much. right talents and starting race think you can get might to 27 while frenzied not counting equip might bonuses.


I would still take a Fighter over a Paladin as a pure tank as well. The Paladin I feel can't be as good as a tank as a fighter, def cant go DPS like barbarian. A paladin is just more suited to be a support character. Now he can be your #2 DPS or your #2 tank as well but it would be hard for him to be #1 in anything.

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For a two handed fighter definitely drop Int to 3, but I'd put as much as you can into dex as well. Faster attacks are faster attacks, it will speed up your slow two handed attacks by the same percentage as it would a dual wielding dagger. Get as high a resolve and perception as you can, helps with getting interrupts and protecting yourself with concentration.


if you are going with pikes you can stay behind your shield tanks and hit with impunity while wearing light armor for even faster attacks.


Take the accuracy boosting talent at start instead of knockdown for the per encounter boost to start the fight.


I'd go with

Might -19

Con - 8 or even  6

Dex - 16 and 18

Per - 16

Int - 3

Res - 16


With a pike and light armor this would put out decent single target damage while being safe behind the lines.

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