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Can't access Noonfrost again after saving Alwah



So since I tend to do side-quests before moving to the main quest so I decided to do the save Alwah quest by storming Noonfrost. I turned in the quest and later on proceeded to Rymrgand's altar which asked me to go back again to do something for him. However, whenever I try to go back inside my screen loads showing only a black screen and my cursor but nothing else. Click on the screen just makes my game crash. No clue how to avoid this and it's the only side-quest I have left to do in the game by now.

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Getting the same thing. Saved Alwah, cleared the rest of the temple but didn't have the Rymrgand quest. Whenever I try to go back into it now it's just a black screen with a cursor, crashes if you click anywhere.


EDIT: So after researching a bit, I found this is similar to the Raedric Keep bug that's been going around. Same fix applies, you can find the info here:



To summarize: open your save file (C:/Users/[YOUR USER]/Saved Games/Pillars of Eternity) using 7zip or WinRAR, find AR_1203_Oldsong_Noonfrost.lvl and delete it. This will reset the entire map including NPCs. I've confirmed this fixed my crashing so hopefully it helps.

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