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We have 8 companions: Aloth (Wizard), Eder (Fighter), Durance (Priest), Kana (Chanter), Hiravias (Druid), Sagani (Ranger), Grieving Mother (Cipher) and Pallegina (Paladin).


I know that is perfectly possible to finish the game with any composition party. Also, I imagine that most people will change NPCs often to adavance their quests. But, for the sake of discussion and power play: 


- Best party composition? (considering your class)

- Best tank? 

- Best DPS? 

- Best NPC overall?

- Worst?


As a Cipher, my prefereble party is Eder (tank), Durance (offtank/support), Hiravais, Grieving Mother and Kana - all cloth dps. Right now Im leaving Grieving out, because two ciphers are really op. I can puppet two enemies and spam mind blades to quick kill everyone else. So, Im using Pallegin as off tank in her place and releasing Durance as pure support. 


The best tank imo is Eder, best dps is Greaving, she is also the best npc overall. I really think that the ranger is the worst companion, although I like her personality.

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