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The door to Maerwald and Raedrics keep



Hello, I am doing my first playthrough and encountered a strange situation. It might be a bug, it might be I am missing something but I cant progress.


So I was following the main quest, lvl 2, going down the Caed Nua monastery basements after speaking with the statue lady upstairs, when I come upon a "shimmering barrier" blocking a doorway. One of the characters mentions that the sentinel spirit should know something about this. I agree and go upstairs to no avail - no new dialogue options with the statue. I run back, the barrier still there, I shrug and go off exploring the world.

At one point, I meet a fellow outside a blacksmith's who seemed to believe I have important business in Raedric's keep, to which I agree and the fellow bids farewell. Raedric's keep never appeared on my map and the fellow disappeared into the shadows.

So here I am lvl 3, all areas on the left side of the map explored, my two only quests are find Maerwald and go to Raedric's keep. I have no access to Redric's keep and a shimmering barrier is keeping me from Maerwald.

What am I to do?

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To access Raedric's Keep, you must exit via the eastern exit of Esternwood. Maerwald is not behind the barrier. Maerwald is the first door to the right as you go down the steps past the statue. The barrier is to your left and further up/down the screen.

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