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I don't want to moan about a game that aspires to live up to the likes of Baldurs Gate/Baldurs Gate 2 (to date, my favourite games of all time and will probably remain that way for all eternity), but....it is really, really frustrating to have waited so long for a game that compares to BG1/2 on face value, but the bugs ruin the experience completely. 


I mean, I know they will patch the game and do so as soon as is reasonable, but it will somewhat tarnish my view on the game regardless. Every day I play the game or search the forums I see new bugs appear which are....game breaking. This compounds my concerns (I am experience several of the bugs listed- currently stuck in Raedrics' Keep) as I feel a "quick fix" simply isn't possible. 


In summary....I will shelve the game until the bugs are resolved, which I hope will be sooner rather than later....I just wish they had delayed the release some 1 or 2 months (or however long it required) in order to iron out these bugs...


Apologies for the rant, I am just....disappointed. 

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