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Buried Secrets question

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hey all

just started doing the buried secrets quest. Got a little confused with the bell puzzle.

Checked online and figured out you there's a hidden note you can find with the scouting tool. I understand you need to have some mechanics skill to help with scouting?

I have 1 mechanics and can not for the life of me find the hidden note. Do I not have enough mechanic skill? I'm stumped 

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Can't recall where it was found but there were 2 hints. Forgot the first/second one. Not sure if you actually need a lot of mechanics for this though. But the other one is this



isitors to the Ritual floor. Rectrix Obrica says... redemption for even these...orgot and struck the largest bell first, rather than second..." The rest is illegible


I think the other hint was


hit the right bell first


But I'm not sure


You can easily guess it without the other hint though.

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