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Is there any consensus on the ideal tank?

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I have yet to decide upon my tank preference. Initially I played with a Paladin Wild Orlan, and although paladins are quite good tanks, it seems that fighters have the edge. Another realization of mine is that some racial abilities scale while others don't, which may turn out to be very important in the long run. This has made me want to consider a moon godlike fighter over the Orlan because of the freakishly large AOE of scaling 3/encounter healing. Against the moon godlike racial the Orlan has some +6 deflection and +6 reflex/will from better tanking stats and their racial ability that grants them +10 defense when attacked by a will attack (its not clear to me if this applies before or after said will attack though). These are both decent tanking features, but I have a hard time seeing how a few points of defense + situation boost (+ helmets if there are any good tank helmets?) can compete with the 3/encounter AOE heal that scales?



Any other opinions on this, or other alternative tank builds? Please make an argument if you make a suggestion!




(Another advantage with Wild Orlans is that I love their model and portraits but absolutely hate the Moon Godlike portrait).

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