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Cursor gets "pinned" after quickload



Occasionally, after loading a save (I use quicksave and quickload 95% of the time, so I haven't encountered it yet after a normal save/load), the cursor will seemingly be pinned to a character. What I mean by this is that clicking anywhere in the open will select this character as if I had clicked on their portrait instead. Interactions with map transitions, containers, "inspect object" and selecting other characters (from their portraits) works fine, however. The cursor won't change to its typical "move here" cross form and it becomes impossible to draw a selection box, instead selecting the "pinned" character.


It Just waiting it out until the cursor becomes normal again doesn't work. It sometimes seems to go away on its own after entering conversations (available from the "talk to" button or opening the journal, for example, HOWEVER, attempting too many such actions in quick succession in the hope of shaking the cursor free will make it stick forever; I've had most success in slowly cycling through menus and dialogues.


I've seen this happen several times now, but couldn't establish precise conditions to reproduce. It seems to be related to playing time, only occuring when the game has been up for several hours. It also disappears when reloading after closing and restarting the game.

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