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Picked up two weapons with "Marking" properties:
1. St. Garam's Spark   (pistol)
2. Shame or Glory       (sword)
They have "Marking" properties in them, which gives +10 accuracy to an ally who hits same target, which was hit (marked) by that weapon.  

The problem is that after some hours of using them, they stopped giving bonus accuracy. The "Marked" icon stopped showing in enemy status bar, and bonus accuracy is not calculated with ally hits on same target that is "Marked" 

Can anyone help me with it please? 
*Loading older save doesn't help. 

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I did some testing with those two weapons today, dunno how they worked earlier because I've never noticed the issue before seeing this post :p


Judging from the battle log they seem to add +10 accuracy to one nearby random party member, and its a bit more reliable when there is only one of them in action (they seem to not always trigger when they are both in battle)

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