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Quicksaving just before battle right after quest has advanced.



Don't know if this has been reported but you can quicksave just as a battle is starting, when NPCs have turned hostile but you aren't counted as in battle yet. This is fine but if a quest has just advanced which triggered the enemies turning hostile and you do this then the quest doesn't continue to trigger properly if you reload the save. Easiest place to test this is probably talking to the crazy watcher (forgotten his name) in the first level of the endless dungeon below the stronghold (the last stage before you claim the stronghold for yourself). If reload and then kill him in battle the stronghold quest will not continue properly.


I have had this problem on a separate quest too but forgot which one. I assumed it happens for all examples of this but I have just been careful never to quicksave right after a quest triggers a battle now. I tested on the above example a couple of times and got the same problem each time.

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Sorry to double post but I just wanted to add some more pertinent information on this bug. The two places I have been able to test and replicate this are in Caed Nua, saving and reloading right before the fight (after the dialogue) with Maerwald and also in the same situation with the fight with/for Verzano in the Vailian Trading company. I believe it is probably the cause of both the following reported bugs: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72467-vailian-trading-company-broken-quest/ and http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73273-maerwald-dialogue-bug-in-caed-nua/ as I can replicate these every time using the save/load method above.

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