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Multiple Bugs concerning the stronghold.

The Werewolf



I have encountered two major bugs concerning the stronghold.


1. The game does not let me change my party:

Yeah, that really says it all. I try to change my party via the party management screen within the stronghold, but the game does not register the changes. Or at least it does not register the recruitment of characters (I can dismiss characters but I won't be able to recruit them again).



Party before "changing":








2. When I try to enter the second level of Brighthollow the level does not load:

Again, pretty self-explanatory I think. As soon as I try to enter the second level of Brighthollow the game loads the level but after finishing I can only hear the sound/see the curser but the entire screen is black. I can even open the menu/pause and unpause the game (I can hear that it works) but the screen stays black. (I don't think screenshots would really help here)



Additional Files you might need:



Output_log (companion bug)

output_log (level transition bug)


Have fun debugging those nullpointer exceptions. And pleeeeeeaaassseee fix them, I am kind of addicted to this game.

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