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Just some minor bugs



I played game for a few hours and I am enjoying it so far. There are just some minor things that maybe should be corrected.

1 - I am able to trade items between party members even if they are very far away.

2 - Calisca stayed with the caravaneers and my character went to the east, over the bridge. And when I reached some camp, Calisca said "This is recent. Not good". She commented, even though she was on another side of the map.

3 - I don't like the fact that some items have exactly the same price (for example dagger and sword costs the same, small and medium shield costs the same, etc.)

4 - I killed a deer, but I got no meat from it. (is it a bug, or maybe my Survival skill was low?)




// Sorry for grammar errors. English is not my native language.

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