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[request] little things.

Tristis Oris


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Yes, hiding (or relocating) the completed quests would be good. Here's a few suggestions of my own:

  • The store filters only disable entries, when they should hide them. There should also be a 'Show everything' icon.
  • It would be helpful if it were made more obvious where you go to rest in Brighthollow.
  • Whenever I rest, I'd like to have the option to sleep through to the following morning.

Thank you.

"It has just been discovered that research causes cancer in rats."

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aaaand last for yesterday=)


[bug?] if you fail the quest before get it, it will not appear in the diary!


Need to show failed quests in journal. AND what very important - allocate popup about them in a different color. Now you see standard message and think that all ok.

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