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Charmed and similar - no way to suppress?



I'm not sure what to do with a "Charmed" or similar status (confused, for instance) character.  Suppress Affliction seems to work (Priest level 2) but I can't use the Liborating Exhortation (I think that's the one) from my Paladin as the party member is considered "an enemy" at that point, and I feel like that should be fixed. 


Similarly, if I drop a "Confusion" on a group of enemies, they become friendly (green/blue circles) and my Foe Only AoE spells don't affect them, which can be aggravating.

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Also, perhaps the priest protection spells (like the protection from Fear at level 1) should affect Charm (the one that protects against Confusion/Daze should also protect against Charm and Domination), and those should maybe be castable outside of combat.  Just a thought.  Definitely should also let abilities, like the Paladin, target charmed/dominated characters in order to remove the effect.  Supress Affliction did NOT seem to be working on further testing/attempts.

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