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Do shields (minus accuracy part) affect spell accurary?

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I did some tests, here are the results, in Valewood with my new Druid;

With a medium shield (-4 accuracy displayed in item stat) and a hatchet. I cast Dancing Bolts (Foe AOE lightning). The combat log displays my Accuracy as 36

With single hatchet. I cast Dancing Bolts. The combat log displays my Accuracy as 40

With a crossbow. I cast Dancing Bolts. The combat log displays my Accuracy as 40


So it looks like the shield minus accuracy DO affect spell accuracy. I thought I'd post findings (probably been posted before but hey). I think for my Druid, I'll be using a ranged weapon. I want as many of my spells to hit/crit as possible!

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It seems that general accuracy is always for everything (For example, marksman or distant advantage applies to both spells and ranged weapons). Some stuff do indicate that it applies only to melee weapons though, such as ruthless assault, and that seems to work as intended. However, the fact that shields affect spell accuracy makes me wonder if weapons with increased accuracy or using a single onehanded weapon will increase spell accuracy? Hopefully the shield penalty for spells is deliberate, assuming that the shield is as much in the way of casting as hitting someone, and not a product of a system that applies any equipment modifier to spells.

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