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Crash when entering Caed Nua main keep



Title is pretty self explanatory. Whenever I try to enter the Caed Nua main keep, the game crashes to the desktop.


I did a bit of testing with this:


I tried going through the dungeons and up the stairs to see if the back entrance worked, the crash still occurred.


I tried loading some older save files, my oldest save file did work, but it's about 10 hours behind in game time, not a loss of progress I'm interested in making. 


The outdoors and other buildings in Caed Nua are all fine, it's only entering the main keep that's causing the crash.


Edit: Using dropbox link because attachments aren't working for me.


This is the earliest save I have after the crashing issue started. The only older save is over 10 hours behind in game time.



And this is the output log after the crash.


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