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Non-conventional things I like about the game

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- in other games room and board was always a token, useless thing. Here it is an integral part of game mechanics, making the world feel more immersive and complex. You actually have to plan for things now, just like in real life!


- you get hints if the quests are viable, for example the bear in the cave(when you talk to the survivor), you can go back to stuff properly prepared, and hints like this are super important on iron mode


- importance of scouting and sneaking, just like in real life, you always get an edge if you know what you are dealing with beforehand, instead of blundering into things


Don't listen to people who want to dumb everything down, all you need to do is implement an AI battle script system like in Dragon Age Origins, improve few animations(firearms specifically) and sounds(for firearms it cuts off too abruptly).

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