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Raedric's Hold.. stuck





I am not sure if this fits within this forum category but here it goes:


So I got entrance to Raedric's Hold. I figured that I would kill everything on sight. That I did.. now I am stuck as I think I have killed what I should not (priests). I need to enter a door that have unlock requirements way above my current level.


My quest jounal says that I should wear some cloths to look like the priests.. but there are no more priests.


I cannot believe there aren't other options. When my barbarian starts killing he only stops when no one else is standing.


How can I proceed?

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You have to kill Raedric in his throne room, near the throne. I pulled his guards individually and killed them and then pulled Raedric away from his throne. I was not able to complete the quest.


I restarted and pulled his guards but then killed Raedric near his throne and was able to complete the quest.


Posting this as many people have this problem.

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