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The companions are what they are and could be better, this topic is not about that though.


Just wondering how everyone builds them and what weapons/armor to pick for each? The spellcasters seem straightfoward enough, not sure about the frontliners though.


Like Eder is obviously the tank, with upgraded defender he is getting a ton of deflection already, should I give him shield style to maximize that or maybe dual wielding to compensate for the speed penalty defender gives?


Pallegina already comes with weapon focus soldier, that leaves her the option to stick with a two hander like she starts with, or give her a hammer and shield for more defense...

Since her damage reduction and accuracy aura wouldn't stack (can someone confirm this?) with Durance's spells which give more of the same I'm thinking the speed and disengagement defense aura is the best for her, thoughs?


Not sure what do with Kana, maybe an increased reach weapon so he can hit over the tanks while buffing them with his chants?


Sagani has the option to dual wield hatchets, her stats seem better for tanking than dealing damage. Suppose she could use that to keep casters in the back safe if some mob runs up to them...

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