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Greetings, thanks for the awesome game and some small issues

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Hello everyone!

First post here, coming from a really happy customer/gamer.

Obsidian has really done it, they brought I.E. games to the new generation. Sure there are changes but I like most of them and the final outcome is simply put, amazing. Having a blast in my 30+ hours of playtime so far!

I just have a couple of small issues that I'd like to see adressed:

- When in the Crafting/Enchanting screens, when you expand one of the lower levels of upgrades, the window auto scrolls to the top. Not something incredibly bad but kind of annoying when you want to check Scrolls 4 and 5 for example
- When moving your party, the party's current positions shouldn't "restrict" the new positions. What I mean is that when you try to position your party a bit further than where you currently are, the new "spots" can never be on a spot that a party member currently is. I don't see why, except I guess for engine issues.
- Nice to have: In the Bestiary I would love to be able to see the % of knowledge for each monster type. I know its not very realistic, but we are seeing stats anyway so why not also this? 

That's all! I love the game, keep up the good work and maybe add some co-op down the line :) 


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