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Amazing gamem loving it!

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Things I really enjoy =

- Beautiful Art Design

- Great Dialogue

- Interesting Characters

- Good story

- Enjoyable soundtrack

- Fun combat (Took a little to grow on me but I LOVE it now)

- The game is a blast to play

- Good character Creation


Needs work =

- The pathfinding needs work, this is my main issue. When I tell a character to go somewhere or do something instead of going the right way they try to go another way that is blocked off sometimes).

- A few audio glitches

- The stealth could be improved a bit


I have played 32 hours so far and it has been a real blast, I look forward to future updates and expansion packs. Keep up the good work Obsidian! I loved Divinity original Sin and Wasteland 2 last year but this game is even better imo.

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