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Progression Breaking bug in Dyrford Village



Hey guys, I just ran across this and decided to revert to an earlier save before continuing to break the game, but I found a bug that could break progression.


If you walk into the Dracogen Inn, you will overhear a conversation between the barkeep and Lord Harond.  I didn't talk to Harond at this point, instead I went up to the broken tower where the Curriery is located.  I talked to the guy inside about the ogre, found the hidden key, opened the door, killed the guys, and then went downstairs under the tower.


At this point, I made my way to the first slightly sunken area with shallow water, killed the enemies, then went north and ran into an obviously fake wall.  I kept clicking past the wall and one of my characters went right through it.  There was a lever on the other side, so I had my character pull it.  When I went past, a bunch of guys and one girl were standing there.  I was able to talk to the girl and convince her to run away (by talking about things my character really hasn't learned about yet), and then after that I was able to talk to the guy and convince him to let the girl run away.  After that, the screen faded and a noise came up like they were either leaving or going to attack me, but they were just standing there.  I could continue to talk to the guy and the conversation would just repeat.  


I figured at this point that I might have prevented myself from completing this quest at this point, so I reverted to an older save before I even flipped the lever.


Anyway, sorry for being so vague.  If you'd like, I can try to capture a video of the whole event.

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