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Timeline (Anni Iroccio) Bug



I have yet to see this mentioned in the forums here, but my friend and I both have noticed this problem.


When you open up your journal to the quest section, the years (AI (Anni Iroccio)) that timestamp the quests are all messed up. For me, the times are inflated beyond reasonable. The game is supposed to start in the year 2823 AI, which mine did, but as I progressed in the game, the years increased at a ridiculously fast pace, the latest time being 25399 AI. The day and hour seem to progress at a more sensible pace. Could be related to the stat increasing bug, since I noticed those increase at a ridiculous pace as well.




While not a game breaking bug, it is a very annoying and immersion breaking (for those who care about immersion) bug. My concern is, when I put enough time into the game, will the years max out to something like 999,999 AI?

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